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The New York Chiropractic Council's Mission Statement 

The New York Chiropractic Council`s mission is to direct people to the realization that healing comes from within; and that ultimately the promotion of health and wellness is superior to the treatment of disease.

The New York Chiropractic Council's Purpose 

The purpose of the COUNCIL is to promote the basic philosophy, science and art of chiropractic. The COUNCIL has been formed as well for the following reasons:

  • To protect the welfare of its members to practice chiropractic without compromise, and with parity and respect;
  • To protect the public`s ability to receive chiropractic without prejudice, ridicule or financial penalty from any individual, group or profession;
  • To conduct educational seminars, lectures and meetings within the profession and the public in accordance with our stated objectives;
  • To keep chiropractic separate and distinct from all other professions;
  • To foster inter-professional relations based upon mutual respect and a clear understanding of the basic Philosophy, Science and Art of Chiropractic.

Recent News

Dr. Bryan Ludwig's receives a thank you from Senator David Carlucci

Posted on 11/26/2019
Thank you for testifying at the public hearing of the Joint Senate Task Force on Opioids, Addiction & Overdose Prevention this past Friday, November 15th. The experience and expertise conveyed through your testimony is invaluable to the efforts of th

NYS Senate Public Hearing on Opioids Addiction and Prevention

Posted on 8/21/2019
Watch Dr. Joe Baudille & Dr. John Lamonica speak in front of the NYS Senate on Opioid Addiction and Prevention.

Support Our Profession

Posted on 7/29/2019
I have been in practice for more than 30 years. After a few years in practice, I began working with another DC who was involved with an organization known as the Chiropractic Federation Societies of New York. I became involved...

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