The Council's Prestigious History

Council -  Past and Future

The New York Chiropractic Council is a NYS based Chiropractic Trade Organization. Originally, formed by Dr. Bill Remling and other chiropractors.

The New York Chiropractic Council was formed to advocate for Chiropractors in NYS when another Chiropractic Organization could not.

Dr. Remling was the NYS representative to the ICA and along with Dr. Bob Sottile was one of the leaders in the local NY and NJ DELP chapters; a program dedicated to helping Chiropractors living a Lasting Purpose.

Originally chartered in 1989, The COUNCIL came to stand for a more principled perspective on Chiropractic; as an organization. This was a result of the original membership, being composed of DELP members who were not represented by any other NYS group. The DELP members were those Chiropractors who were attending Dynamic Essentials, regularly. Since DE was the program owned by Dr. Sid Williams; this was another reason that the COUNCIL was considered to be a straight organization. The COUNCIL is not an affiliate but is politically aligned since its beginning with the ICA.

There were always two concepts that the COUNCIL defined itself by. We espoused as one of our central tenets; Fun, Fellowship, Philosophy and Financial Success. This was what we stand for and focus on bringing to our membership. We do this with our Two Conventions; in October, downstate and in May upstate. The second central tenet is our reason for the COUNCIL existing as a separate organization. This is protecting each Chiropractors ability to practice chiropractic as each DC chooses. We always focus on protecting Chiropractors right to practice “within the scope provided by our state”. This is our daily task and why we employ a lobbyist in Albany.

The COUNCIL will continue to defend and protect every chiropractor’s ability to practice chiropractic. The COUNCIL signed on as part of the Class Action Lawsuit against Blue Shield to defend Chiropractic. We advocate with the Workers Compensation Board for every chiropractor to care for injured workers. The COUNCIL is part of COCSA; standing for our brand of Chiropractic on the National Scene. We are noticed for our efforts and just 3 years ago our fall convention was joined with Parker Seminars when Parker came back to the NY area for the first time in many years. Our annual convention in Westchester as well as our mid-year at the Turning Stone Casino in May have become renown throughout the profession. We bring some of the best and most sought after speakers to our convention as we focus on Fun, Fellowship, Philosophy and Financial Success.

The Board of the NY Chiropractic Council are hardworking chiropractors just like all our members; the Board Members are those who heard the call to serve Chiropractic and the Principle at a higher level. We are honored that you have continued your membership with this organization and wanted each of you to know we appreciate being able to serve you.

There are many challenges in Chiropractic; those who want drugs in Chiropractic, the Affordable Care Act, ACO and Medical Homes; insurance rules and regulations governing payments for services, the move to change scope here in NYS.

We are working on plans for the future. We see insurance changing and deductibles and patient’s out of pocket rising. This is bringing Chiropractic back to its roots. There is an old saying “absent of value then price is the only consideration.” That is why for 2017 we are working on developing lay lecture teams within each District. This was the reason why PACE Patient Access to Chiropractic Education was formed in the past by Dr. Reggie Gold. Before Reggie passed, he said Chiropractors would have to bring the principle to the lay public again. This topic is in the development stages as we work on a manual and training of the district officers who volunteer to become part of the district team of speakers.

We as an organization will continue to work diligently to bring the best in Chiropractic to our members as we continue to work on the laws and regulations in NYS that affect your ability to practice ChiropracTIC!

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