The New York Chiropractic Council is THRILLED to announce that the 2020-21 New York State budget establishes a new Medicaid pilot program for "nonpharmacologic treatments such as acupuncture and chiropractic services as an alternative to opioid treatment for individuals suffering from chronic lower back pain.”

Governor Cuomo signed this program into law on April 3 (Chapter 56 of the Laws of 2020). The Council would like to thank Governor Cuomo, Senator Peter Harckham and the Senate Opioid Task Force for establishing this Chiropractic Pilot Program as part of the state budget. 

Senator Harckham acknowledged today that this is a tremendous accomplishment for the chiropractic profession, and further noted that it is a direct result of our unwavering advocacy and repeated testimony on the opioid crisis before state officials. The Council therefore wishes to acknowledge the hard work done by Dr. Joe Baudille, Dr. John LaMonica & Dr. Bryan Ludwig as they traveled multiple times across the state to testify at various Opioid Task Force hearings, which laid the groundwork for this significant accomplishment.

Please continue to watch your e-mail for further details on the implementation of this new Chiropractic pilot program for nonpharmacological treatment of chronic lower back pain, as we continue to gather information.


Dr. Scott Schwager notified our Board on June 7th, 2018 that he needed to step down as our President as of August 1st, 2018.  In accordance with our constitution and by-laws, it is the duty of the Regents Council to appoint an interim President.  After considering all eligible candidates, the Regents Council is proud to announce that Dr. Joseph Baudille has been appointed interim President to complete Dr. Schwager’s term. Since he is moving into the position of President, the Regents Council then needed to appoint a replacement to his Executive Officer position.  They once again reviewed all eligible candidates and are extremely pleased to announce that Dr. Donna DeRosa will step into the Executive Officer position to complete Dr. Baudille’s term. 

The Board of the Council would like to thank the Regents Council for their time and energy in following the protocols and procedures to make these appointments.


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