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The New York Chiropractic Council Position Statement Regarding Healthcare Freedom and Informed Conse

Posted on 11/23/2020
Informed consent builds trust in the health care system. The patient-doctor relationship is founded.

Chiropractic Offices Fully Opened

Posted on 6/12/2020
The New York Chiropractic Council is PLEASED to announce that as of 4:27 PM today, Governor Cuomo

COVID-19 Alert

Posted on 5/15/2020
The New York Chiropractic Council is fully aware of the seriousness of the pandemic of COVID-19. Governor Cuomo has declared a state of emergency and has issued numerous statements on guidance for determining whether business enterprises ...

New York State recognizes Chiropractic

Posted on 5/15/2020
In April, NY State made a progressive move against opioid abuse, which also brought chiropractic

Governor's Executive Order Essential Services

Posted on 5/6/2020
UPDATED: APRIL 28, 2020 at 5:45 PM ESSENTIAL BUSINESSES OR ENTITIES, including any for-profit or no

Guidance for Essential/Non-Essential Business'

Posted on 4/17/2020
Recently NYS issued an update for guidance for essential and non-essential business’. For essential

Update on Essential Services

Posted on 4/9/2020
At 8:00 AM this morning, the New York Empire State Development updated the guidance on...


Posted on 4/7/2020
The New York Chiropractic Council is THRILLED to announce that the 2020-21 New York State budget ...

Statement Reaffirming Chiropractic as an Essential Healthcare Service

Posted on 3/20/2020
March 19th, 2020 (Glendale, NY) The New York Chiropractic Council (Council) is issuing a statement reaffirming chiropractic as an essential healthcare service. Chiropractors are part of the healthcare field dealing with keeping and restoring our com

Dr. Bryan Ludwig's receives a thank you from Senator David Carlucci

Posted on 11/26/2019
Thank you for testifying at the public hearing of the Joint Senate Task Force on Opioids, Addiction & Overdose Prevention this past Friday, November 15th. The experience and expertise conveyed through your testimony is invaluable to the efforts of th

NYS Senate Public Hearing on Opioids Addiction and Prevention

Posted on 8/21/2019
Watch Dr. Joe Baudille & Dr. John Lamonica speak in front of the NYS Senate on Opioid Addiction and Prevention.

Support Our Profession

Posted on 7/29/2019
I have been in practice for more than 30 years. After a few years in practice, I began working with another DC who was involved with an organization known as the Chiropractic Federation Societies of New York. I became involved...

Changes to Fee Schedule 7-10-2019

Posted on 7/10/2019
In October 2018, the New York Chiropractic Council and the New York State Chiropractic Association jointly submitted comments to the New York State Workers Compensation Board (WCB) with regards to its proposed changes to the fee schedule. Included i

New Workers Compensation Fee for April 2019

Posted on 3/25/2019
The New York Chiropractic Council wants to remind you that the new Workers Compensation Fee Schedule goes into effect April 1st, 2019...

The NY Chiropractic Council Recognized in Helping Combat Opioid Abuse

Posted on 2/26/2018
Senator David Carlucci (D-Rockland/Westchester) presented a State Senatorial proclamation to the New York Chiropractic Council for their efforts in the chiropractic field and combating opioid-abuse in New York State.

John LaMonica's Interview on The American Chiropractor

Posted on 9/19/2017
Dr. John LaMonica, DC talks healthcare and CA certification during his interview with The American Chiropractor.

Understanding the Process of Starting a Chiropractic Practice

Posted on 4/2/2017
For many chiropractors, the idea of opening a chiropractic practice is very appealing. The chiropractor can be his/her own boss, control his/her hours and vacation time...

Understanding Financial Arrangements Between Chiropractors and Other Licensed Healthcare Prof.

Posted on 4/2/2017
For many chiropractors, there are several benefits associated with working with physicians and other licensed healthcare professionals from both a clinical and financial perspective...

Understanding Succession Planning

Posted on 4/2/2017
Dr. Smith has been practicing as a solo practitioner in New York for many years - although he currently has a very successful practice, due to personal circumstances, Dr. Smith is ready to retire...

Understanding Telemedicine

Posted on 4/2/2017
It is undisputed that telemedicine is the future of medicine. Telemedicine eliminates distance barriers giving providers the opportunity to render services offsite, as well as to use electronic interactive technologies...

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