Recent Vendors


The New York Chiropractic Council would like to thank all of the vendors that attended our 30th Annual Convention.  Your continued support of the Council and the profession is greatly appreciated.  We encourage all our members to utilize your products and services.   We could not offer the programs we do without your continued support.

Avant Wellness Systems Deborah Zolla 617-680-8627
BaxMAX Supports Dave Hodgson 248-390-1598
Dr. Monika Buerger Dr. Monika Buerger 208-346-7763
Care Credit Nichelle Coles 714-434-4217
Chelsea Medical Care P.C. Laurence Rubin 954-937-1126
Chiro Futures Dr. Anthony Carrino 631-495-6464
ChiroHealth USA Kristi Hudson 888-719-9990
ChiroMatrix Lauren Whitworth 858-888-7548
ChiroTouch Dana Lingard 619-528-0040
ChiroTV Network Steve Madnick 888-480-1350
Eclipse Practice Mgmt. Software Abbe’ Cozell 917-807-4065
Edom Laboratories Arthur Pollack 631-586-2266
Fass & D’Agostino, PC Todd Fass 631-824-6040
Foot Levelers Wayne Dixon 646-326-4470
Infinedi R.T. Donohue 612-670-5234
Life University Dr. Gilles LeMarche 770-597-1449
Local Gold Natalie Busacca 800-850-0493
M & T Bank Carlos Andrade 914-255-6194
Marcote & Associates, P.C. Arthur Wobig 516-697-7099
NCMIC Jackie Hellrung 515-777-0798
OptaVia Dr. David Levi 631-880-9026
Pillowise USA Tiffany Morris 844-291-7392
Quartermaster Tax Mgmt. Ryan Cook 704-490-4111
Standard Process Dan Court 609-961-9520
TonaLaw Tom Tona 631-264-5909
The Wellness Practice Dr. James Chestnut 866-935-5362
Zingit Solutions Don McKenzie 847-227-8414


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