I have been in practice for more than 30 years. After a few years in practice, I began working with another DC who was involved with an organization known as the Chiropractic Federation Societies of New York. I became involved with them in the 1990’s and I became a leader on their Board. The leader of that group was Dr. Alexander Pireno. Together with the NYSCA and the Council, we were working for parity within Worker’s Comp, N/F and other insurance carriers which, unfortunately, we never got. The politics of Chiropractic, at the time got too much for me and I dropped out and locked myself in my office for about 12 years, not knowing what was going on in our profession. After the NYS Law requiring continuing education for NYS Chiropractors, I attended my first CE Seminar. The speaker was Dr. Bob Hoffman, and he stated during that seminar, that the Chiropractors who are most successful are the ones more involved in our profession. A few days later, I got a call from a leader in the Council inviting me to attend a local district meeting, and I went. The camaraderie of the Council impressed me and I began to get active in the profession and began serving the profession with the Council and with Innate’s guidance, I ended up as President of the Council.   

Seeing Chiropractic in this position has been quite frustrating at times. The beauty and pureness of our profession is so lost in the politics of our state. The passion and love we have for Chiropractic keeps the Board of the Council working diligently on bettering Chiropractic in New York, one of the more difficult states to practice in.

Finally, after many years we have reached parity through the WC system and will continue to fight to protect and promote chiropractic. Special thanks to the Worker’s Compensation Board, our team, especially Dr’s. Donna DeRosa, John LaMonica and Bryan Ludwig, Dr. Jason Brown, President of the NYSCA and his team, our Lobbyist, Mr. Perry Ochacher, Ms. Amy Kellogg, NYSCA’s lobbyist and all others who have supported our efforts with tireless energy to reach this point.

We currently have 2 Chiropractic organizations in our state and I thank all the members for supporting our profession. Victories have been sparse but this current one is huge. Thanks for hanging in there with us. The best part of it is that the Council & the NYSCA worked together on this so despite 2 organizations, we showed we can work together as we continue to work on our Unity process. 

For those who are not members or are waiting until we become one organization, please know that we work in many areas and we have won a huge victory when this proposed increase goes through. As we continue to work on Unity in our state, if you are not part of a state organization, PICK THE ONE CLOSEST TO YOUR VALUES AND SUPPORT THEM!!! JOIN ONE TODAY!  Support our profession because we will continue to work together to better Chiropractic in New York. We can surely use your support financially and physically. Please get involved and stop sitting on the sidelines. In the immortal words of one of our nation’s great leaders, Alexander Hamilton & my good friend, Dr. Gregg Rubinstein, “If you don't stand for something, you will fall for anything.” Join up, NOW!!!

Dr. Joseph Baudille
President, New York Chiropractic Counci

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